CleverCare Elite is desktop support, monitoring and management software that allows customers to save IT support costs.  The system is designed to allow the customer to view and evaluate the status of their IT environment and make decisions about which faults to handle internally and which faults to outsource.  It provides detailed information about all computers in an organisation and is useful for asset management, asset tracking and lifecycle management.

The system also allows for instant remote control of workstations from any web enabled console.


The Value Equation

In a nutshell, remote monitoring for less than 50 units costs the same as one ½ hour’s labour per machine per year.

The first question is normally “will this save me ½ hour in IT costs per computer?”  The answer is most likely yes, given that most technical issues take a minimum of 1 hour to resolve.  The pricing looks even more attractive for an organisation when you consider the yearly costs of running 8 machine is typically more than 4 hours labour.

Consider the following scenario:  A PC has a fault with its anti-virus software and gets infected.  A typical virus removal normally runs for between 2 and 4 hours.  With monitoring, the problem is intercepted at the beginning and may be sorted remotely for as little as a ½ hour charge.  You may even be able to use the remote control to fix it internally.

Furthermore, because all computer faults are logged through the console, the customer gets to decide upon the viability of solving the problem internally.  Customer application issues can be demonstrated to the console operator at head office and resolved without the IT provider becoming involved.

When issues occur they can be fixed in real time and users can log issues and make requests from the icon in the system tray.  These logged issues appear against the PC icon in the console and can be addressed from there.

When this is combined with the savings in training costs that the use of a company wide remote control system offers, the value of CleverCare Elite is significant.


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